The one stop dental practice in Tauranga

Teeth whitening and non-mercury fillings available
Here at Complete Dental Care in Tauranga we aim to be the one stop shop for all your dental care needs. We believe it's important to take a professional approach to your dental care, and that's why we have a team of experts that have a wealth of experience in the different areas of dentistry. You can be guaranteed that whatever you need to get healthy teeth, we'll be able to provide it here at our dental practice, without having to refer you to another location to complete the treatment.

Comprehensive service

For comprehensive dental treatments in Tauranga, you really can look no further than Complete Dental Care. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to visit different dentists in different locations to get your teeth done, and so that's why we have all the facilities under one roof. At our dental practice we cover: Dentures, teeth whitening, fillings, extractions and orthodontics as well as full mouth 

Latest technology

Our aim is to provide our customers in Tauranga with the latest techniques and to use the very best equipment available. As a dental practice, Complete Dental Care is always investing in our equipment, so that you can be confident that you are receiving the very best of care. We support our professional team with professional equipment so they can do their work to the highest standards.

Help when you need it

There is absolutely no reason why you should endure dental pain, and that's why here at Complete Dental Care we offer emergency services to customers located in and around Tauranga. Our team are on standby to treat your emergency dental issue, there's no more need to wait days to be relieved of the pain.
Young girl at our dental practice in Tauranga
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